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The Clydesdale Music and Art Studio 

Lessons : All levels Violoncello : Elementary Violin-Viola‚Äč

                    Update and Latest News May 2023


 After a more-than-a-year Sebbatical which was, in fact, a sick leave, things seem to be clearing up in a positive manner with the healing process in progress. I am concentrating on my students and concentrating at the same time on my artistic endeavors in painting and drawing which I will be able to show here on this website. It has become a major preoccupation of mine, since performing has become difficult in terms of endurance and physical strength. No matter! Most important is to be able to continue to create and  develop creativity each day through whatever means are available to me in a more confined environment than the one I have taught and performed in for the last 14 years since I returned from Paris, France. I am teaching from home now as it is the easiest to manage at this point and that is working out beautifully in terms of time, energy, strength and energy! 

My main objective and goal is to share my knowledge and experience teaching the string instruments as before and sharing the excitement of creating art (drawing and painting) with my students. This introduction to their own innate creativity is fundamental to realizing the gifts and talents they are born with and which are just waiting to be discovered helping them to develop and realize who they really are and what they can do and become!

Please remember there is no age limit for this exploration of your potential! 

There is NO age limit! I have students from 5 years old to 85. 

The first step is to have the desire and willingness to learn and develop and to want to realize even more the gifts and talents you were born with!